Alston & Associates's commitment to our customers is to develop a comprehensive insurance program that will protect your business from unexpected losses. We do this by evaluating your exposures then using that information to tailor a program specifically to match your needs.

It takes only a moment of inattentiveness for a good driver to cause an accident. Drivers that neglect to purchase auto insurance can be financially devastated, liable for hundreds, and even thousands, of dollars in bodily and property damage caused by just one mishap. Vehicle owners lacking collision insurance may be forced to pay out-of-pocket for repairs to their own vehicles, or may have to write-off their vehicles as complete losses when damages render a car inoperable.

Business insurance is recommended for total protection. Owners and operators of companies should research the various types of options. They should be protected well because business dealings come with continual risks.

As a Homeowner, you worry about the risks of damage to your home just as you should. There are a lot of risks that come with owning a home: hail, fire, flood, earthquake, structural repairs, maintenance, and various natural disasters.  Purchasing homeowner’s insurance (HOI) is a way to ensure the security of your home as well as your financial stability.

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